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Newspaper Articles

04-16-09 Tree Care as Match-Making
01-15-09 Did a Storm Damage Your Tree?
11-20-08 Tips For Fire and Winter Safety
10-23-08 Sudden Oak Death
09-25-08 Ozone Danger to Trees
08-21-08 Important Tree Care Tips
07-17-08 Help Your Trees Resist Pests
06-17-08 Partnership of Leaves and Roots
05-17-08 Summer Watering for Trees
01-17-08 A Safer Tree Is A Phone Call Away
03-15-07 A Safer Landscape Is A Phone Call Away
02-15-07 The Big Freeze and The Facts About Trees - Do Your Trees Look Dead?
01-18-07 Lion-Tailing - A Practice That Should Be Discontinued
12-14-06 Why Topping Severely Damages Trees
11-16-06 A Time for Thanksgiving
10-19-06 Fall Is A Great Time To Prune
9-21-06 The Giant Sequoias
8-17-06 Think of it this Way
7-20-06 Trees & Climate Change
6-15-06 What The Contractors State License Board Wants You To Know About Illegal Contractors
5-18-06 Who Are The Men In Your Trees
4-19-06 Trees Need Our Help To Survive
3-23-06 Why Limbs Fall in your Yard
2-16-06 The Role of Trees and Tree Care Companies
1-19-06 Decay Can Cause Hazardous Defects in Trees
12-15-05 A Tree's Biggest Enemy - TOPPING
11-17-05 What We Are Thankful For
10-13-05 Twig Blight and Branch Dieback of Oaks in California
9-15-05 Tree Tips for Winter
8-18-05 A Lesson in Proper Tree Pruning
7-14-05 Summer Irrigation  
6-16-05 Help Your Trees Resist Pests  
5-12-05 Pruning an Oak  
4-14-05 Watering Your Trees  
3-17-05 Tree Planting  
2-17-05 Recognizing Tree Hazards  
12-16-04 The Traditions of Christmas  
11-18-04 Storms Approaching  
9-16-04 Important Tree Care Tips  
8-19-04 The Time to Prune is Fall  
7-15-04 Mistletoe  
6-17-04 Over Watering Trees  
5-13-04 The Right Tree, The Right Place  
4-15-04 Taking Care of Tree Hazards Makes Your Property Safer and Prolongs the Life of the Tree  
3-18-04 Excessive Weight or Structural Decline in Old Growth Trees  
2-12-04 Spring Cleaning  
12-18-03 Prepare Your Trees for Storm and Rain Now!  
11-13-03 Sudden Oak Death  
10-16-03 Western Pine Beetle  
9-18-03 Diagnosing Sunburn  
8-14-03   Drought Stress on Tree Health  
7-17-03 How to Kill a Tree  
6-12-03   How to Prune a Tree  
5-15-03   Fire Safety Tips  

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