Tips For Fire & Winter Safety

November 20, 2008

With winter fast approaching and the fire season still with us we need to take measures to decrease the fuels needed in disasters.

The wind and rain specifically on Evergreen Trees such as Live Oaks, Evergreen Ash, Eucalyptus and Pines are just some of the trees we need to pay attention to. By thinning out on the limb tips it allow less water to collect on the leaves and small branches, also allowing wind to pass through the trees rather than push it over.

Pine and Eucalyptus trees are by nature very shallow rooted. When these trees are left to thicken up over the years they stop the wind causing a great deal of pressure on roots that are not designed for such pressure. Many times this causes the tree to fall.

We have had calls regarding fire safety; Eucalyptus oil is basically explosive when heated in a confined space, for instance, inside the trunk of the tree. Pines and Junipers are combustible but not explosive. Most other trees are not a danger if pruned properly

In the media we hear and see the devastation of the fires and floods that plague our communities. One of the major causes of loss to homes is the lack of up keep of trees and shrubs around homes. We can help prevent some of the losses by doing our part; pruning, trimming and cutting back trees and shrub from around homes.

We at Santa Ynez Valley Tree Care would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to our clients and readers for another year of being a part of your lives.

To Each Of You
We Send Wishes For A
Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!.

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