Think of it This Way

August 17, 2006

It is like hanging ornaments on your Christmas tree. You've got this 50lb ornament your mother gave you as a gift, she is coming for Christmas and you try hanging it every where only to find out that every branch you hang it on drops down and will snap off due to the weight. For you people, who like to fish, think of catching a 400lb fish with a test line, which is only for a 25lb fish. SNAP!!!

Well, you get the idea sometimes things just aren't designed to hold the weight. This is the issue with the trees in the Santa Ynez Valley today. Since we have had such an excessive amount of rain followed by an abundance of heat it has caused an extreme tip growth problem (heavyweight on the end of limbs) to occur, which not everyone has addressed as yet. Many of my articles have covered this issue of growth; you can find them in our articles section over a span of several years. This article is a follow up of 2004 and 2005 articles. The tip growth problem is not on the inside of the tree; it is all in the ends, LOOK UP!

Field experience tells us at Santa Ynez Valley Tree Care that trouble is waiting if proper tree care is not addressed soon. We have had two years of 35 inches of rain instead of our normal 14 inches per year. And, our experience says LOOK UP and WATCH OUT. If your tree has never been pruned you are probably in better shape than if it's been Lion Tailed (limbs stripped out to the ends) in the past. Again, go to our web site and learn about proper pruning techniques.

Lion Tailed trees produce more tip weight than un-trimmed trees. Never the less most of our trees in the Valley, of any significant size, are becoming more hazardous by the day. For the first time in my 40 years in the Climbing Industry I am getting an average of 3 emergency calls per week. In my 17 years here in the Valley these emergency calls have never happened in the summer. People are calling to tell me branches are snapping off trees, limbs are coming down on their buildings, whole trees are breaking apart, even a horse in a pasture has been killed by falling limbs.

Serious tip thinning is necessary, and possibly some tip reduction as well if we are to keep trees from falling when winter comes. Since your home is the most valuable asset on your property keep it safe. The second most valuable asset are your trees, keep them safe as well.
If you have Evergreen Trees such as California Live Oaks, Evergreen Ash, or trees that do not drop their leaves, they are more at risk than others. If you have trees that drop their leaves and it starts raining before this occurs, this too will be a problem.

Consultations/Bids for work are free of charge. At the time we inspect your tree(s) we can determine if any problems exist. If there are no problems, that is what we at Santa Ynez Valley Tree Care will tell you. However, if there is work, which should be completed to keep your tree(s) sound, safe, healthy and beautiful we will let you know what needs to be done and in what time frame it should be completed.

The best advice I can give is to act now to avoid tragedy later. Call us today.

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