How to Kill a Tree

July 17, 2003 -- Trees are living organisms. They resemble us in many ways. Beginning as a seed, their existence depends largely upon how and where they mature. As they grow into or are made part of a domestic environment, certain natural threats occur, as they do in the wild. Bacteria, insects, animals, and natural disasters can play a role in their survival. These things, to a degree, plague us as well. Trees like us have immune systems which help them survive some of the problems that plague them in their quest for survival. But, there is one thing they have absolutely no defense against. That is man!

Through ignorance or greed people mangle and or kill more trees each year than almost any natural disaster we have known in the last century. Unknowledgeable individuals masquerading as tree trimmers/gardeners are like untrained doctors. We think given their title, they are knowledgeable about what they tell us they can do for us. For the most part, this is not true. If you have a hangnail you don't remove your arm at the elbow. So why would you remove a limb when only small, dead branches need to be removed. Over-pruned trees can and do go into shock. This weakens the immune system, which inhibits the tree's natural defense against insects, bacteria, etc. If set upon by natural enemies soon after severe pruning, your tree may never recover, Sometimes it takes several years for it to die. Some larger trees, such as old growth oaks, take from 5 to 20 years to become nothing but firewood. Essentially, you have a $20,000 tree killed by greed and ignorance. Over pruning is easy to spot. Usually there is no green on the lower half of the limbs and trunk coupled with very thick green ends. When you see this type of pruning know that this tree will never recover to its natural healthy, beautiful state.

Santa Ynez Valley Tree has provided you with an opportunity to make an educated decision about tree CARE. Take a few minutes and browse our web site. In a short time you, like us at SYV Tree will know the destructive power of greed and ignorance.

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