Partnership of Leaves and Roots

June 19, 2008

One can not survive without the other. The root systems through their feeder roots which are usually in the top 4 feet of the soil feed the trunk, limbs and leaves. The larger roots are primarily for structural integrity and keep the tree standing in harsh weather. Feeder roots are a most delicate balance of life for every plant. They break down nutrients and dispense them throughout the trees vascular system; like our stomachs and blood vessels they also need to breathe so, covering them with solid matter like asphalt, concrete or a solidifying matter will not allow this venting to occur.

The leaves use the nutrients pumped up by the roots to grow and increase in volume. These leaves through photosynthesis pump a different set of nutrients back to the root system. These nutrients act as an immune system to help the roots resist fungiís in the soil and provides some storage of nutrients for hard times such as; harsh winters, summers, storm damage and on to many occasions human intervention.

Every spring and summer trees are trimmed more so than in the winter; this is the time of vital growth and replenishing of nutrients by the leaves to the roots. Over trimming decreases the amount of photosynthesis that feeds the roots weakening the immune system of the tree and causes a decline in health. This happens in about 90% of tree species.

A fact that I find quite depressing is that trees die more from a Tree Companyís lack of knowledge than all the natural causes by nature.

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