Summer Watering for Trees

May 17, 2008

Just because the rain has stopped does not mean it is time to water. Check the moisture content in the soil surrounding your trees. To much water will rot the roots and cause trees to decline. Clay is the primary soil in this area, it will hold water much long than most soils. Long periods of dryness or severe hot and cold conditions can cause trees serious stress and can lead to the decline of trees as well as pest issues.

The best way to water your trees is by making sure that the water gets deep (at lease 6 to 8 inches). Try to avoid frequent light watering because this will promote shallow root systems. Using a soaker hose or drip system set at a slow rate can help ensure that your trees are getting the water they need. These systems can be placed in an appropriate position and can be turned off and on. When using a garden hose, move the hose frequently to ensure that all of the roots are getting enough water. Keep all watering implements away from the base of the trunk to avoid pest problems. Allow the ground around your tree to dry out before the next watering session.

Placing mulch around the base of your trees will help prevent the evaporation of moisture in the soil and maintain soil temperatures to promote growth and increase the trees vigor. Use organic mulches such as wood chips and shredded bark. The ground surrounding the trunk should have mulch about 3 to 4 inches deep. Avoid piling mulch next to the trunks of your trees, leave about 2 to 3 feet of bare soil around the base of the trunk.

Trees are a beautiful addition to our landscape; lets help maintain their beauty and health by using proper watering techniques.

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